English ACCESS Reminders

English ACCESS Reminders
English ACCESS Reminders

Directions to ACCESS English class

  1.   Go to
  2.  Click course Log in
  3. Enter your username and password


  4. Click Log in


  5. Go to Student Orientation quiz and take the quiz. You must score a 90% to pass it. You may retake as many times as necessary, but you must pass the quiz before you can begin English classwork


  6.  It may take up to 24-48 hours to be added to the class. It usually does not take this long.  Log in often to see if the class pulls up when you log in. 


  7. DO NOT change your password.


  8. Now you should see your class. You should see two boxes. On the left is your class information. On the right is your student orientation information. You should have completed this already.


  9. On the left hand side, there are several sections you will need to review and become familiar with.

10. Click on your English class for your instructor’s detailed directions.   

      Following the directions, begin your course work.

REMEMBER: You must login in every day that you are scheduled for this class at the proper time. Attendance is necessary and monitored.


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