• 6-1 and 6-2 quiz has been moved to Monday 9/9/19.
  • The “Amazing Grace” Report is still due on Monday as well.
  • By now students should be finished with World Events. They have been working on them the last 4 weeks. We have covered over 20 world events in class.
  • Continue to follow the calendar and have students review their notes at least 15 minutes per day.
  • Make sure that students are reading each section. This will give them a foundation for the information taught. They can use the power point to guide their review for the study guide.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to look at the test review questions in google classroom. This should help with understanding how to prepare for the test. Students should also print these for their test preparation binders.


Parents and students, Ch. 6 Notebooks will be due on Thurs. & Fri. of this week instead of Tues. & Wed. The test will still be administered on Tues. & Wed.


Parents, progress reports were sent home this week. These progress reports must be signed and returned to each teacher. Please ask your child for their progress report and send them back signed next week.

 Good afternoon parents! Several students did not bring back their progress reports. Please make sure that you sign them and send them back. Thanks!

I will have a brief tutoring session tomorrow morning for anyone that wants to come! You can also come for a consultation!

UPDATE 10/4/19
Good morning parents! Monday will not be a regular 7 period day. Monday will operate as an even scheduled day. Therefore 2nd/4th periods will quiz on Monday and test on Wednesday as scheduled. 3rd/7th will quiz on Tuesday and test on Thursday. Please make sure that your student is preparing for Ch. 8 Test by working through their guided PAL questions and study guide. Please review these items about 15-20 minutes daily. Students completed their guided PAL questions in class this week. This will support them with their study guide.

Update 10/11/19
Good afternoon parents. For those that would like to visit with me on Monday, October 14, I will not be available until 10:00 am.

Update 10/15/19
The second nine weeks calendar has been posted. Students have been given their Ch. 9 study materials. Please reinforce proper headings and titles with students. We covered all of these things the entire first nine weeks. Students will lose 5 points on assignments for improper heading and title. Thanks for your help!

Update 10/15/19
Parents, as students begin to work on their Ch. 9 Notebooks, please impress upon them not to share their work. There were several notebooks from 1st nine weeks where I could tell students had shared information. Please make sure that your students do their own work. They cannot give or receive any parts of their notebook. Students will receive a 0 if they do. Thanks for your help with this!

Update 10/16/19
Parents, students will have a map portion and short answer portion for Ch. 9 Test. They will receive their map study guide on Thursday/Friday. They will need to be able to identify all of the items listed from below. We will discuss the short answer questions in class. Please make sure that your student pays attention!

Asia, Taiwan, Manchuria, Syria, China, Philippines, India, Iran, North Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, Yemen, Iraq, Turkey

Update 10/24/19
Good morning parents! Since I was unable to tutor this morning, I will tutor the first 20 minutes of class before your child takes Ch. 9 Test. Enjoy your weekend!

Update 10/24/19

Parents this afternoon I found the answers to the 9-1 & 9-2 quiz written on a small sheet of paper in my classroom on a student's seat. This has broken the honor system in my class for reviewing quizzing during class time. I will no longer be reviewing quizzes in class.

Update 11/7/19
Good afternoon parents. I am very disappointed with Ch. 9 Test grades. I have given students a calendar of events so that they will know when their tests are, I gave students a study guide for Ch. 9, I gave students sample test questions for Ch. 9, I gave students the exact map locations for their map identifications, and I gave students all of the short answer questions and answer analyses. It is evident that many of the students did not study. For this test ONLY I am going to give bonus questions. The questions are located on my front board. Students will have the first 15 minutes of class to answer them on the Tues/Wed respectively that we return. 

Update 12/2/19
Brew Tech Exam Schedule

1st semester – 2019


Report to Homeroom every morning

Monday, December 16th

2nd period exam:  8:43 – 10:26

3rd period:  10:30 – 12:13

1st period:  12:16 – 1:42

3rd period exam:  1:46 – 3:30

Tuesday, December 17th

1st period exam:  8:43 – 10:26

7th period:  10:30 – 12:13

*4th period:  12:16 – 1:42

7th period exam:  1:46 – 3:30

Wednesday, December 18th

4th period exam:  8:43 – 10:26

6th period:  10:30 – 12:13

5th period:  12:16 – 1:42

6th period exam:  1:46 – 3:30

Thursday, December 19th

5th period exam:  8:43 – 10:26

1st period:  10:30 – 12:13

5th period:  12:16 – 1:42

Make up exam period / 7th period:  1:46 – 3:30

Friday, December 20th (grades need to be in before you leave for the Holidays unless approved by

   Mrs. Toole!!)

Make up exam day

**On a regular 7 period day schedule

Update 12/4/19
Hello parents! I am moving the 11-1 and 11-2 quiz to Thurs/Fri of this week respectively for students. The quiz WILL NOT be on Monday. Please have students reread 11-1 and read 11-2. After our discussion of 11-2, students will have review time and we will take the quiz. Please make sure that students prepare on their end, and I will definitely prepare them from my end! Thanks for all that you do!

Update 12/10/19
Parents if your student(s) have not brought back their progress reports, please sign and send  them back asap!!

Update 1/16/20
Good afternoon parents. Students will not have a 12-1 and 12-2 Quiz on Jan. 21 and 22. Students will have a chapter quiz covering all four sections on Jan. 23  and 24.